Top Senior Model Parachute Dress Shoot

I am so excited to be sharing the results of this amazing shoot with Sydni, our Class of 2016 Top Senior Model!  Sydni won our competition and was treated to a shoot that started when I found this incredible Parachute Dress.

We met in the Texas Hill Country and got started bright and early with hair and makeup before heading to our first location.  This gave us a great opportunity for Sydni to try the dress for the first time and get some pictures in a nice country setting.



We were able to see what this dress was going to look like and Sydni was getting warmed up for the big location.  We drove over to Enchanted Rock and I had to break the news to Syd that she was in for a bit of a hike.  I don’t think it was too bad and no one passed out, but getting to the top of this rock provided the chance to get some amazing results.  We were able to really open up the parachute part of the dress and take advantage of the strong wind.  See for yourself!




All I can say is WOW!!!  And that tree, huh??  The great thing about this shoot is that I only have to give direction to Sydni for what my vision was and she was able to pull it off with ease!

The next morning, we drove over to Luckenbach to get a few more pics.  Sydni brought along a separate outfit just for some fun pics as you can see.


Of course, after looking around at this location, we twisted her arm to once again suit up in the parachute dress for one last set.  So glad we took the time for these!!!



I am still in awe of the set of pictures that we were able to capture.  I had a vision and I can say that this definitely surpassed it!  Sydni, it was so awesome to be your senior photographer and have the many opportunities to capture your senior year.

I can’t finish without a thanks to Sydni’s mom, Dani for her help all year long and to Dani and Chris for their help on this shoot.  It would not have been possible without your willingness to carry, hold, fix, and just do whatever!

Now, it’s time to move on to the Class of 2017 and see what crop of awesome seniors we will have the pleasure of engaging with this year and I definitely can’t wait to discover the Randy Herbert Photography Top Senior Model of 2017!!






Curtis Wedding | San Fernando Cathedral Preview

We had the absolute pleasure of preserving the precious memories of the wedding for Alyssa and Collin.  Here is a sneak preview of images from their beautiful day.  We were so happy to be a part of this wonderful event.  Enjoy!

Curtis Sneak Peek 1


Curtis Sneak Peek 2


Curtis Sneak Peek 3

Curtis Sneak Peek 4

Curtis Sneak Peek 5


Curtis Sneak Peek 6

Randy Herbert Photography Top Senior Model Competition – Tess

Our final Top Model to introduce is Tess.  Tess has been an absolute pleasure to photograph this year.  She always comes so prepared and brings some great ideas.  For her portfolio shoot, she chose to do an Alice in Wonderland theme.  As I was going through the pictures, it was like I could see the story playing out.  She and her mom put an incredible amount of work in preparing for this shoot and it paid off.  Enjoy these pictures!!

Tess Top Model 1

Tess Top Model 2

Tess Top Model 3

Tess Top Model 4

Tess Top Model 5

Tess Top Model 6

Tess Top Model 7

Randy Herbert Photography Top Senior Model Competition – Sydni

Here is Sydni’s awesome portfolio for the Top Model competition.  Syndi has been enthusiastic about shooting all year and although we got lots of great dance pictures, she did prove that she can do more than dance.  :)  Her portfolio shoot was pretty special as she introduced me to a new location and her “post-apocalyptic” theme brought challenges for me to do it justice photographically.  So much fun!

Sydni Top Model 1

Sydni Top Model 2

Sydni Top Model 3

Sydni Top Model 4

Sydni Top Model 5

Sydni Top Model 6

Sydni Top Model 7


Randy Herbert Photography Top Senior Model Competition – Jordan

Here is Jordan’s portfolio for the Top Model competition.  Such a great set of pictures from this Garland High School senior.  Her portfolio shoot was an urban theme where I think we pushed her slightly out of her comfort zone, but she quickly got into it and honestly, it felt like we were shooting for an ad.  It was a pretty fun time.  Enjoy her pictures!

Jordan Top Model 1

Jordan Top Model 2

Jordan Top Model 3

Jordan Top Model 4

Jordan Top Model 5

Jordan Top Model 6

Jordan Top Model 7


Randy Herbert Photography Top Senior Model Competition – Hannah

Here is Hannah from Garland High School as our next possible Top Model.  We have known her family for years and did her sister’s senior pictures a few years ago, so we were so looking forward to finally have Hannah as part of the team.  We did her portfolio shoot one evening in Dallas and were so fortunate to have the most amazing sunset!  I love how the Dallas skyline lights up with the reflective colors of the sky.  Having one of my models there for this backdrop was such a bonus!

Hannah Top Model 1

Hannah Top Model 2

Hannah Top Model 3

Hannah Top Model 4

Hannah Top Model 5

Hannah Top Model 7

Hannah Top Model 6

Randy Herbert Photography Top Senior Model Competition – Emma

Emma is our next model to introduce for the Top Model competition.  Emma goes to Bishop Lynch High School, which was the perfect backdrop for some of her pictures.  She chose to do her model shoot in a library, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while!  Good luck to Emma this week!

Emma Top Model Post 4

Emma Top Model Post 5

Emma Top Model Post 2

Emma Top Model 3

Emma Top Model 6

Emma Top Model 7

Randy Herbert Photography Top Senior Model Competition – Alex

Seven of my Senior models signed up for the top level which included being a part of my Top Model Competition.  The Top Model (as selected by completely independent judges) will get a TX based destination shoot where we will take a trip and do a completely styled shoot.  It is going to be amazing!

Introducing our first model competing for RHP Top Model.  We have had such a great time shooting with Alex this year and when we showed up for her Grease Monkey shoot, it was pretty awesome!  She played the part to perfection and I love the set of pics that we were able to capture.  Her hair, her makeup (thanks Maddi!), and clothing provided the perfect vintage look for that shoot.  Her portfolio has great variety and is topped off with an excellent Grease Monkey look.  Good luck Alex!

Alex Top Model Post 1

Alex Top Model Post 3

Alex Top Model Post 4

Alex Top Model Post 6

Alex Top Model Post 7

Stayed tuned for more model intros and portfolio reveals this week!


New Years Eve Senior Model Shoot!

What a fun time with 16 wonderful High School seniors!  They dressed up in their best holiday party rags and came out for a New Year Eve photoshoot.  Sequins and glitter, glitz and glam!  Boy, did they werk it!

NYE Senior Model Shoot 1


We started with some great shots against our lit background.  These models are so well prepped that they each stepped in striking a pose or two and we were off!


NYE Senior Model Shoot 3

NYE Senior Model Shoot 2


The big 2016 and shimmery wall were great backgrounds for our first sets of small group pics!


NYE Senior Model Shoot 11

NYE Senior Model Shoot 10

NYE Senior Model Shoot 9


More time for each model to step in and strut their stuff!!


NYE Senior Model Shoot 7


NYE Senior Model Shoot 6


NYE Senior Model Shoot 5


NYE Senior Model Shoot 4


NYE Senior Model Shoot 8


Finally, a couple of great group looks.


NYE Senior Model Shoot 12


These 16 are living proof that being beautiful is exhausting work.  :)  Thank you to these senior models for coming out and playing with us!!


NYE Senior Model Shoot 13

Thanks for checking in!!  Happy New Year from Randy Herbert Photography!!!

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